Product Operations / Growth Manager (Spanish-speaking)

We are looking for a Spanish-speaking product operation/growth manager. You will be in charge of the growth of our crypto-based short video app targeting Spanish-speaking users in Latin America. Your goal is to identify all growth opportunities (product marketing, campaigns, content operations, etc.) and establish a local team to realize the growth goals.


  • Set goals for user growth and organizing necessary team functions to work toward them
  • Establish local operations team with product operation, user operation, and content roles and manage the team
  • Perform data analysis and deliver market research, growth strategy, advice for product and marketing based on the data
  • Lead campaigns to contribute to user growth and promote new features
  • Optimize content quality and user reading experience based on quantitative content analysis


  • Fluent Spanish with over 1 year of experience living in the Spanish-speaking community in the US or Latin America and a good understanding of the culture there
  • Demonstrable experience in at least two of the following fields: growth hacking, product operation, product marketing, content operation
  • A background in the tech industry or startup world, preferably with experience of team management
  • A solid quantitative background with strong skills in data analysis
  • You must be a self-starter with lots of initiative and creativity
  • Working knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Fluency in Mandarin is a big plus