Growth Marketing Intern

We are looking for a high-energy, creative intern to work with our growth marketing team. We’re looking for someone hungry to learn about startups, digital media and mobile products, and who's also a self-starter ready to contribute from day one. Spanish proficiency is strongly preferred, as much of our userbase is in Latin America. You’ll learn all about customer acquisition, retention and building a brand, and you’ll have the opportunity to execute campaigns across all significant mediums and advertising channels. We’re going to give you projects that drive real business value.


  • Analyze paid social and digital advertising campaigns, make targeting recommendations, and brainstorm ad copy and visuals
  • Create content that will potentially live in our email newsletter, social channels or public forums
  • Perform data analysis and competitive research
  • Identify new or underleveraged growth channels, assess potential impact and propose strategies to capitalize on them
  • Engage with our community on Telegram, Twitter and Instagram, perform social listening and identify places Bermi users congregate
  • Manage and grow our brand ambassador program, mobilizing our most passionate content creators by working with them in a more personal setting


  • Spanish proficiency strongly preferred
  • Demonstrable experience in at least two of the following fields: growth hacking, content marketing, design, analytics
  • Ability to self-prioritize and complete to-do lists based on business impact
  • An opportunistic thinker that knows how to challenge assumptions and ask great questions
  • A strong interest in the tech industry or startup world
  • Working knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain