Why Cryptocurrency?

We love cryptocurrency at Bermi - we think it’s the future of money. It’s money that allows you to transact with anyone in the world, nearly instantly, with low fees and low inflation. Since they are decentralized payment networks secured by thousands of computers across the world, no bank, government, or company can stop it. Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, and Ethereum (ETH) is the next largest.

Cryptocurrency is a new technology with great potential. Censorship-resistant money that can be sent with incredible speed and security has never existed before, and we’re excited for its future.

Withdrawal Step-By-Step

We use Ethereum (ETH) for withdrawals for Bermi, so you’ll need to create an ETH wallet to withdraw. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download an ETH wallet app from the Google Play Store. We recommend this wallet
  2. Create an ETH wallet, copy the address, and paste it on the withdrawal page in Bermi. The address will have 42 digits and start with “0x”.
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to withdraw and tap “NEXT STEP”.
  4. Check your withdrawal amount and address on the next page and click “CONFIRM”. That’s it!

We’ll verify your account hasn’t been flagged for malicious activity, then send the ETH to your address within 1-2 days. Once we send the ETH, it’ll arrive in seconds.

What can I do with ETH?

Once you receive your ETH, what can you do with it? You have three real options.

  1. Hold it.
    The price of 1 ETH started at $0.30 USD in 2016, grew to over $1,300.00 in 2018 and then fell to today’s price of $105.00. Many people hold ETH as an investment.
  2. Spend it.
    Many websites accept cryptocurrency as payment. Sites like Bitrefill allow you to exchange ETH for cellular data credit and gift cards from many major websites.
  3. Exchange it.
    There are cryptocurrency ATMs across the world that you can use to exchange your cryptocurrency for local currency. coinatmradar.com is a good way to find ATMs near you.